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OCTOBER 30TH: We will be handing out Halloween goodies from 2 P.M. – 4 P.M. or till closing at our Kylertown location. Come on up and bring your spookiest costume on! Everyone welcome!

OCTOBER UPDATE: 20% Off Sale continues on your final purchases for retail only.
We are now open only on Fridays & Saturdays for the next few weeks 10 A.M. – 6 P.M.
Closed Sunday – Thursday…all other times call for appointment.

OCTOBER UPDATE: We now have a few more items back in stock. Check our wholesale and retail pages for catalog updates.
SEPTEMBER UPDATE:Our apologies that our Wholesale had to be shutdown due to inventory shortages. We have got some things back in now but some things we have completely sold out of for this year. You can check our wholesale page on the menu bar above and download our catalogs from there. 

NEWS UPDATE – Many of you have heard already that there is a nationwide shortage of fireworks this year. Unfortunately this is true. The short 2 min video explains briefly of the situation. What does this mean to you? First of all – we have had a steady stream of early bird customers the past 2 months – shopping early. Even though we have a good supply of most items, many common items we expect to sell out before July 4th. If you shopped with us last year – you all experienced longs lines both outside of the store in 90 degree heat = and crowds in the store. Many of you were disappointed by July 4th and 5th that certain items were not on the shelf. We highly advise our customers to shop early to get the best choices of products. Don’t be the one coming in July 4th only to find out we are out of sparklers and bottle rockets – because that might just happen! 

Safety Tips For Everyone Brochure

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A HUGE THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US AT KNEPPY’S FIREWORKS for tuning into our 17th annual broadcast over Facebook Live. We hope you enjoyed watching it. We all were so glad you all were able to make it to this. 
-Huge thank you to the following to help making this demo possible:
-Western NY Pyrotechnics Association – Pyro Musical
-Joe Torquato – Audio/Music/DJ
-Wisor Photography, Dubois, PA – YouTube Demo Recording
-Morrisdale Volunteer Fireworks Company 
-Winburne Fire Company – Food Vending/Refreshments
-Warehouse workers and anyone else who participated in helping with setup of all this. We cannot thank you folks enough.

Great NEWS!!!!
House Bill 542 has been signed by Governor Tom Wolf, it is now legal for PA residents to buy from us and shoot off Consumer Fireworks at any time of the day or night on any day of the year. This is everything in our store that we sell. Bottle rockets, firecrackers, cakes, parachutes etc. Please note that all safety laws rules still apply for folks in metropolitan areas and also towns. 

Available in 5 shot straight, 10 shot straight, 20 shot straight/angled. Call for pricing. Quality 12″ 1.91 DR11 HDPE tubes in quality stable wooden racks.

If you buy $500(Before Taxes) either in one lump sum or at different times – get your VIP card punched each time you spend $100(Before Taxes) and you get $100 FREE AFTER your $500 purchases! You must spend $500(Before Taxes) to qualify for the $100 free fireworks promotion on our V.I.P. Program. YES – other discounts DO apply! Sign up today by emailing or calling. Best deal going in PA! Well worth the longer drive!

Receive 20% off retail prices – all year long! If you belong to a PYRO Club (even pyro forums like Pyro Talk, PyroFan) you will receive a great 20% off retail pricing. Plus also use the VIP card – details above. Must have a verifiable membership card or similar.

White, Colors, Flag Design, Pumpkin, Pink Ribbon (cancer), “In Memory of” We have them HERE! $8.00 (White or Color), $10.00 Specialty Design. NOW AVAILABLE IN CASELOTS – CALL FOR PRICING! Sky Lanterns are a thin paper non-flammable skin over a frame with a waxy patch and wick on bottom. Works on same principle as hot air balloon. Only to be used in a large clearing on a calm night. Buy lots and watch them GLOW! We now also have them in 5 different colors as well as white. Check this video of them in action and details. Need a case? (36 pieces) Call for special case pricing.